Contract Committee Continues its Work

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The SVFT's Contract Committee has begun its work in anticipation of the negotiation of a new contract. Our current contract is in effect until August 31, 2016.  The committee has been meeting often during the 2014-2015 school year to examine the current contract, solicit input from members, and develop proposals for the negotiations which will take place during the 2015-2016 school year.

There will be ample opportunity for members to share in the process.  The committee developed an online survey and has completed the analysis of the responses.  In addition, an e-mail address has been created exclusively for contract thoughts, opinions, and suggestions.  Any member who would like to provide his or her thoughts on any contract related issue can send a message to

Members can also share their concerns and thoughts with members of the committee.  This includes

Jan Hochadel, President          SVFT Office

Brian Bisson, Vice President    SVFT Office

Ed Leavy, EUR                           SVFT Office

Bob Riccitelli, Treasurer            Platt

Greg Beyer, Secretary               Wolcott

Cheryl Christie Collett              Wilcox

Roger Hanock                          Whitney

Dan DelPiano                           Platt

Peg Sonntag                             Wilcox

John Pascone                          Ellis

Dave Andrews                          Ellis

Dave Parillo                              Kaynor

Bob Herdlein                            Cheney

Henry McMillan                         Prince

Jessica Ossen                         Vinal

Sarah Martorelli                        Wilcox

Dan Thibault                             Wilcox

Roger Phillips                           CT Aero Tech

Elaine Debenian                      Goodwin

Sandi Jameson                        Grasso

Brian Malotta                             Abbott