Tuition Reimbursement

PLEASE NOTE: FY2016 Tuition Reimbursement (CO-101) and Professional Development (CTs-43) funds have been depleted. All tuition reimbursement applications submitted for Summer and Fall 2016 coursework will be accepted and placed in order of receipt. With the current SVFT contract expiring on August 31, 2016 - FY2017 funds will not be allocated until a new SVFT contract is in place. FY2017 funds will be determined through negotiations.

Click on link below for NEW Fill-able Form 101

Form CO 101-Tuition Reimbursement is used to reimburse college classes that earn credits. SVFT members receive tuition reimbursement for 9 college credits per fiscal year. The fiscal year for tuition reimbursement is June 1st through May 31st.


SVFT 2016 Scholarship Program

The State Vocational Federation of Teachers Local 4200A is pleased to notify you of eight (8) $1,000 scholarships available to members’ children who are currently high school seniors and planning to further their education in the fall of 2016.


Not an Accident: Preventable Deaths 2015

An accident is an unpredictable event, difficult if not impossible to prevent – like when a meteor lands in your living room. Workplace deaths, unfortunately, are much less rare than meteors. They are also much more predictable. Decades of research and practice in workplace safety and health have identified the most common workplace hazards – and proven strategies for prevention.
If employers were to implement these strategies more consistently and effectively, thousands of workers who have died on the job would be alive today.


SVFT Constitution & By-laws Changes Effective 5/13/15

At the General Membership meeting on May 13, 2015, several proposed changes to the SVFT Constitution & By-laws were voted on.  Members can view the latest edition of the SVFT Constitution & By-laws by clicking here: SVFT Constitution & By-laws Effective 5/13/15