Not an Accident: Preventable Deaths 2015

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An accident is an unpredictable event, difficult if not impossible to prevent – like when a meteor lands in your living room. Workplace deaths, unfortunately, are much less rare than meteors. They are also much more predictable. Decades of research and practice in workplace safety and health have identified the most common workplace hazards – and proven strategies for prevention.
If employers were to implement these strategies more consistently and effectively, thousands of workers who have died on the job would be alive today.

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This report was developed by National COSH and was released to mark Workers’ Memorial Week, a remembrance of those who have lost their lives at work. The event is observed nationwide – and around the world – by surviving family members as well as health and safety activists in workplaces and communities. It coincides with the anniversary of the U.S. Occupational
Safety and Health Act, which took effect on April 28, 1971.


The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health is dedicated to promoting safe and healthy working conditions for all working people, through education, training, organizing and advocacy. Our belief that almost all work-related injuries and illnesses are preventable motivates us to encourage workers to take action to protect their safety and health, promote protection from retaliation under job safety laws, and provide quality information and training about hazards on the job and workers’ rights.