October's AFT Connecticut Newsletter

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Robert - here is your October, 2017 e-newsletter (with updates since early September):

Union members during the second half of September worked overtime to overturn a fiscal package based on "failed and painful austerity policies" passed by lawmakers. Click here for a report-back on successful efforts to move the governor to veto the cruel state budget.
Staff who feed New London Public Schools' students in late September moved district officials to voluntarily recognize their free choice to join a union. Click here for photos from the Board of Education meeting where food service workers presented their petition.
Before lawmakers' toxic state budget was vetoed in late September, union members in Norwalk organized a rally exposing an unfair provision buried in the details. Click here for photos of the event where educators denounced a "teacher tax" threatening their students' learning opportunities.
During national Forensic Science Week we highlighted an autopsy/pathology technologist whose lab services help "make a proper detection or diagnosis possible." Click here to meet a public employee union member who helps ensure families facing loss "have some closure."
Union members in late September mobilized outside the State Capitol to block toxic budget cuts targeting the University of Connecticut (UConn) and UConn Health. Click here for photos of faculty, support staff, graduate employees and caregivers demonstrating alongside their students, patients and advocates.
Our national union has teamed up with advocates to support educators, support staff and their students who are immigrants and face an uncertain future. Click here for resources and information on how to help protect Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program participants.
State federation executive committee and delegate assembly members in early September gathered to prepare for a year of anticipated challenges facing the labor movement. Click here for photos from the event where union leaders met, deliberated and mapped out our future together.
An unprecedented number of affiliated local union members have taken political engagement to the next level and are this year candidates for local office. Click here to meet several on the November 7th ballot who are demonstrating that "labor is your neighbor."

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