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SVFT Officers

The SVFT Officer Team
SVFT President - Paul Angelucci
SVFT Vice President - Makenzi Hurtado
SVFT Executive Building Representative - Bob Riccitelli
SVFT Treasurer - Emily DelPiano
SVFT Secretary - Jamie Lamitie
Officer Responsibilities
President: Negotiations, SEBAC, AFT-CT Liaison, Daily Running of the Office and Building, New Member Recruitment, Legislative Liaison, Union Actions (no confidence, protests, informational pickets), Communication with the Superintendent, Worker’s Compensation Issues

Vice President: Assist the President, PDEC, Evaluation Disputes, Retirement, Sick Bank, FMLA, PL Donations, Committee Oversight, Track Postings, Administrative Transfers, Transfers, EAP, Fitness for Duty, Employee Mediation, Maintain Seniority List, Oversee Website, and Member Communication

Executive Union Rep: Grievances, Arbitrations, Complaints, Assist with Contract Negotiations Committee, Assist with Grievance & Arbitration Committee, Investigations, Fact-Findings, Loudermills, Stipulated Agreements, Administrative Leaves, Track & Report Contract Violations, CDL Issues, DCF Investigations

Treasurer: Create Budget, Prepare and Pay Taxes, Record and Pay Bills, Create & Monitor School Accounts, Payroll, Report Monthly Financial Statements to Executive Council, Report Financial Data to Accountant, AFT, and AFT CT

Secretary: Manage Website, Create and Record Meeting Minutes, Maintain Attendance Records, Document Union Events

Office Secretary: Reply to Phone Messages, Update Membership, Union Cards, Manage Action Alerts, Maintain Office Records, Order Supplies, Event Management, Direct Mail, Assist in Scheduling Appointments for Full Time Officers, Other Office Related Projects

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