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SVFT Newsletter

april 2024

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April 2024 Vocational Instructor includes:

  • May General Membership information
  • March Labor Management Minutes
  • SVFT Scholarship and Mini-Grant information
  • AFT Scholarship information
  • Calendar of School Visits

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March 2024 Vocational Instructor includes:

  • Information on AFTCT Regional Legislative Meetings
  • Grievance and Arbitration Process explained
  • Information on General Membership
  • Calendar of officer building visits
  • TRB Webinar
  • SVFT Scholarship and Mini-Grants
  • BIPOC Teacher Meet & Greet
january 2024

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January 2024 Newsletter Includes:

  • An Overview of Negotiations
  • January Labor Management Meeting Minutes
  • Tentative Plan for Negotiations
  • AFT CT Legislative Meetings
  • Teacher of the Year Nomination Forms
Cover Page

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December 2023 Newsletter Includes:

  • Advanced Degree Stipend Information
  • President's Article
  • Member Spotlight - local elections
  • Understanding Directives
  • Health & Safety Committee
  • Calendar
  • Understanding Your Deductions
Special Edition

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November 2023 Newsletter Includes:

  • General Membership Information
  • October Labor/Management Meeting Minutes
  • President's Note on PMT Training
  • Avoiding Past Practice
  • Member Article on Lessons from Unions Past
  • Understanding Your Paycheck
  • Flier for Protect & Transform Education Summit
September 2023

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September 2023 Newsletter Includes:

  • Meeting Locations and Times
  • Calendar
  • Important Reminders on Tuition Reimbursement & Sick Bank Enrollment
  • Union Rights During An Investigation
  • Article by SVFT Delegate
  • Article by SVFT Member on Tenants Unions
  • Committee Members for 2023-2025

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May's Vocational Instructor includes:

  • Report from President
  • Reminder of Stipulated Agreement for Unlisted Stipend Positions
  • Teacher of the Year Recognition
  • Recognition of Years of Service
  • May 17th Rally for a Moral Budget
  • Calendar of Events

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March Newsletter includes:

  • Attack on Public Education
  • Report from SEBAC on Pandemic Pay Award
  • Update on Tuition Reimbursement
  • Understanding Admin Leave
  • General Membership Information
  • SVFT Scholarship and Mini-Grant Information

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February Newsletter includes:

  • Updates from President and Vice President
  • Important information on stipended positions that are not in our contract
  • Advice from AAA
  • January Labor/Management Meeting Minutes