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Transfer Window Opens Today!

Just a reminder:

The TRANSFER WINDOW is now open AUGUST 15 - MARCH 15.

Section One. Posting and Eligibility.

(a) When management decides to fill a newly created position or other
vacancy, and such vacancy has not been filled by administrative transfer,
the opening shall be posted on the school district’s website for seven (7)
In order to be eligible to apply for a posted vacancy, an employee must
meet the following criteria:
(1) The employee has at least three (3) full years (as defined in Article
6, Section 1 of this Agreement) of full-time employment in the
system or the service specified in Section Three (h). For
appointments effective at the start of the next school year,
employees who will have completed the required years of service
by the end of the school year shall be deemed eligible.
(2) If the vacancy would be a lateral transfer, as opposed to a
promotion, for the employee, it has been at least two (2) years
since the employee had an employee-initiated transfer.
(3) The employee may not have an unsatisfactory evaluation or be in
the supervisory assistance segment of the evaluation process.

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