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Send a letter to your Senator about the Budget

Here is an example of a letter Ed sent to Senator Gayle Slossberg.

Senator Slossberg,

I am writing to express my profound disappointment in your vote in favor of the Republican budget last Friday. The budget is terrible for several reasons, but I was shocked that you voted for a budget that contains sections 152 and 153. We have recognized that you have often supported positions on issues concerning revenue and budget contrary to those held by the State Vocational Federation of Teachers, whom I proudly represent as President, but we have always respected your strong advocacy for teachers. With your vote last Friday, you betrayed the values you have always claimed to hold.

Sections 152 and 153 of the budget clearly levy a tax on teachers. The language clearly states that the 1% increase in contributions charged to teachers on 1/1/18 and the 2% increase charged 7/1/18 will go into the General Fund, not the pension fund. Having citizens pay a portion of their income into the General Fund is by definition a tax. You voted in favor of that language; there is nothing in the budget that indicate the $73 million raised in the biennium will ever be paid to the pension fund. You approved a budget that charges Connecticut educators solely because they are educators.

Senator Slossberg, you cannot be for education but against teachers; that is Betsy De Vos logic. The SVFT and our affiliate AFT CT have supported you in the past because we believe you fought for teachers. I have brought members to knock on doors and attend campaign events for you for that reason. Yet last Friday, you voted for a budget that specifically targeted teachers. There is a teacher shortage now; the budget you support would only exacerbate that shortage. I believe Governor Malloy will veto this budget. I hope when you cast your next budget vote, you will do so to support the teachers you have always claimed to represent.

Ed Leavy

President, State Vocational Federation of Teachers

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