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Legislative Committees Discuss the CTHSS

The joint Education, Higher Ed, and Labor Committees of the Connecticut General Aasembly held a hearing recently to discuss the CTHSS.  Many topics including the budget, trade offerings, and the new CTHSS Board were discussed.  Watch the hearing on CT-N here.


The SVFT sent a contingent of helpers to Coney Island, New York on November 10th as part of AFT's Storm Sandy Relief Effort.  AFT-Connecticut chartered a bus and our members helped fill it with food, clothing, and personal care supplies that were distributed to folks struggling to recover from the storma that washed away homes, schools, and businesses in New York and New Jersey.  The SVFT attendeees included Kate Norton (Special Ed. DH at Goodwin), Chris Sansone (Carpentry DH at O'Brien), Mary Torres (English teacher at O'Brien), Nicole Conti (SVFT Office Manager and an OPEIU member), and the


Felicia Williams, a mathematics teacher at Wilcox Tech in Meriden, has been named the 2012-2013 Connecticut Technical High School’s Teacher of the Year.  An eleven-year veteran, Felicia was selected from a group of seventeen Teachers of the Year, each selected by their peers at one of the system’s schools last spring.  After completing a detailed questionnaire, and an interview before our president, Jan Hochadel, and the superintendent, Felicia was chosen to represent our system in competition for Connecticut’s Teacher of the Year.

Felicia’s road to becoming Teacher of the Year is a


Many of you know Steve Bourque, Plumbing instructor and SVFT building rep at Eli Whitney as an all-around great guy.  But what you may not know about Steve is that in addition to the roles he plays in our system, he is also the president of a foundation that has raised and then donated tens of thousands of dollars to help families fight cancer. Recently, the Michael Bourque Memorial Fund for Children, and Steve its President, donated $43,000 they had raised to Yale’s Smilow Cancer Center for Children.

In 1972, Steve’s brother, Michael, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma.  Sadly, he passed away


In honor of our continued participation in Organized Labor Recognition Night, the New Britain Rock Cats recently honored the SVFT and presented our union with a personalized commemorative bat.


A group of six SVFT delegates attended the 2012 AFT Convention in Detroit in July.


The results of the 2011-2012 School Staff Climate Surveys have been obtained by the SVFT.